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Thursday, July 15, 2010

The 4th of July in Malta with Ambassador Kmiec

Mrs. Catherine Gonzi; Prime
Minister Lawrence Gonzi: Mrs.
Margaret Abela; President George
H. Abela and Ambassador clink glasses following the
Ambassador's toast of Malta, her President
and the Maltese people, delivered in

Embassy Valletta rolled out the red carpet for close to 1000 on July 4, 2010. Ambassador Kmiec and President Abela broke new ground for a national day event with both choosing to explore the first principles and common ground of the United States and the Republic of Malta. The Ambassador highlighted the self-evident truths of the Declaration, quoting Lincoln and Obama. President Abela examined the prayerful Innu Malti, also finding the prayer for unity and peace was premised upon and intrinsically valued person. Here is only a portion of the fesitivities held in the jewel of the Republic, the Barrakka Gardens; the U.S. under Ambassador Kmiec was the first foreign nation ever permitted to celebrate its national day in the Gardens. Out of respect for the valued public nature of the Gardens they remained open even during the invitation only event.

Watch the introduction on video:

Papal Nuncio Tomaso Caputo