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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Doug Kmiec & Martin Sheen & The Colbert Bump!

Fellow Our Lady of Malibu parishioners Doug Kmiec and Martin Sheen swing into action on behalf or Catholics for Obama. Sheen wrote the introduction to Kmiec's book "Can a Catholic Support Him? Asking the Big Question about Barack Obama" (Overlook Press/Penguin 2008) which soldout at many bookstores around the country and ranked #1 in its category on Amazon during the campaign. Hundreds crowded the popular Diesel's bookstore in the duo's hometown for a book signing before the pair set out to campaign for Senator Obama in the battleground states. Obama rolled up a 54% Catholic vote, roughly 12 -13% more than recent Democrats. Obama won every state where Kmiec and Sheen campaigned.

Doug Kmiec Gets The Colbert Bump

Professor Kmiec's Obama book skyrockets to #1 in the religion and politics category on Amazon when the Professor explains his support for President Obama and how observing the principles of equality and religious freedom should keep the state from either denying same-sex marriage or penalizing religious bodies whose doctrinal teaching favors traditional marriage only.